The secret ingredient in Klatreburger is even more secret than the mix of

Coca Cola

Our special for today. Forever and for always.


Directly from our kitchen


Klatrekafeen’s burger with cheese, salad, tomato, dressing and caramelized onion. Served with fries.

Contains: Wheat, Egg, Mustard, Sesame seeds, Milk

NOK 250

Veggie Burger

Homemade vegetarian burger with aioli

salad, tomato and pico de gallo. Served

with fries.

Contains: Wheat, Egg, Mustard, 

Sesame Seeds, Milk

NOK 200

Dirty Fries Matilde's

Fries with parmesan aioli and spring


Contains: Milk

NOK 130


Fish stew in tomato based sauce with potato, red peppers, onion and olives. Served with bread.

Contains: Wheat, Fish

NOK 245

Chilli Con Carne

Chili with red peppers, onions and beans. Served with nachos, cheese and sour cream.

Contains: Milk

NOK 240

Dirty Fries Con Carne

Fries with chili con carne

NOK 130


Creamy fish soup served with bread.

Contains: Wheat, Shellfish, Fish, Milk

NOK 230

Fish Burger

Fish burger with dressing, salad, 

tomato and coleslaw. Served with


Contains: Wheat, Egg, Fish, Mustard,

Sesame Seeds, Milk

NOK 230

Dirty Fries Black & Blue's

Fries with blue cheese sauce and


Contains: Milk

NOK 130



NOK 40


NOK 35

Chai Latte

NOK 55


NOK 50


NOK 45


NOK 45

Espresso Macchiato

NOK 42

Caffe Latte

NOK 50

Caffe Mocca

NOK 40

Latte Macchiato

NOK 50

Hot Chocolate

NOK 55

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